Feelings First is a sensory path to self exploration, consciousness & health, fully geared to profoundly affect all aspects of life. This path is not about blindly following your feelings, but about fully acknowledging the power of these feelings to impair micro-circulation in your body, and bias your thinking

Instead of fighting these feelings, we aim to open up towards, and unwind them. This process restores micro-circulation and therefore health, and clears emotional bias from the mind

Instead of striving to understand things from a mental perspective, we just feel/sense the effect things have on us

Acceptance is key, but it’s not about accepting the situation. It’s about accepting how the situation makes us feel. This approach has showed me that it is the freedom of resistance which allows us to be truly free

Feelings First uses sophisticated sensory techniques to explore the (subtle) feelings that influence our body & mind on a subconscious level


Note that this approach is exactly opposite to the main stream. We arrive in another perspective by unwinding the feelings about the current one.

The main stream strives to change the current perspective to a new, mentally constructed one.

Feelings First receives a new perspective (we don’t know it in advance) as a bonus after unwinding the feelings related to the previous perspective
We’re only able to take this approach because we have the sensory tools to directly unwind the feeling level

So relax .. there is no need to force the mind into new thinking lines. In fact: Forcing the mind is next to impossible, because it is really not that autonomic. It often just acts like a machine, driven by the dominant emotions related to the current perspective. Logic turns out to be far from absolute in nature, but constructed by the mind to support and confirm the existing world perspective

The mind, and especially ‘logic’, is just as influenced by emotion as it is able to influence it. Therefore, unwinding your feelings profoundly clears up your thinking

-Unwinding emotions -Changes the perspective -Changes thinking lines -Changes your experience of reality
Learning this trick will radically transform the main stream (rather fixed) concept of reality into a much more fluid one.

The advantage of a more fluid reality is that it contains more potential


Feeling has an unlimited amount of levelsRegarding feeling/sensing there is really a lot to learn, because feeling depends on consciousness, and consciousness is infinite. When you start paying attention to the details, you will find that the act of feeling is an enjoyable and deep subject, spanning many different levels of awareness



In the classes you will learn different ways to approach your feeling, and you’ll directly experience the effects these different techniques have. You’ll get a good sense of your own reactions when learning to change consciously how you approach yourself. This hands-on experience will hugely expand your feeling vocabulary, and elevate your level of consciousness, which will greatly benefit you in these hectic times

When you do Feeling right

..disturbing emotions will quickly unwind into a calm and neutral state ..in a matter of minutes


Your improved emotional state will lead the mind into new patterns

..laying the foundation for a new reality


So stop struggling and start using what holds you away from where you want to be!

Believe me, by working this way you will save a lot of energy!
In Fact: don’t believe me but try it out .. and see for yourself! 🙂
( the tryout is free .. and adds useful tool to your personal backpack. See box at the top right hand side )

There is really no need to figure everything out, realise that thought can only exist embedded within a certain context. Also realise that the mind has the tendency to confirm the current context. These two aspects combined show that thinking beyond your current context quite difficult, so I recommend trying sensing 🙂

The term ‘context’ is closely related to the terms ‘world view’ and ‘belief system’

Series of thoughts string together into a Story, and because difficult stories usually contain a quite lot of emotion the ‘Story’ is also referred to as ‘the Drama’

The term ‘Drama’ is to commonly used as ‘being stuck in drama’ or ‘being a drama queen’. Because of the negative connotation surrounding the term ‘Drama’ I tend to prefer the term ‘Story’ on this website. The tendency to get hung up on the Story is universal to mankind, as is the needless quarrel about who’s Story is the ‘right’ Story

It is easy to see that opening up the limitations set by your core belief system will lead to a much freer attitude towards life. You will be much less preoccupied by opinions or expectations regarding what is happening or supposed to happen next, and less preoccupied with which story is the right one. This will lead to a more peaceful life with more space to enjoy the present moment 🙂

Now .. approaching this promised land does take a little time, but it will be weeks or months, rather then years. If you relax & play around with the sensory stuff you can learn here, I can assure you that positive change will be quite inevitable 


Why I offer this sensing work

After many years of trying to understand the origins of my problems, I could name & explain many of them, but that didn’t stop them from occurring.  I realized that feelings don’t care about logic at all. In 2010 I found this much more organic, pure sensory approach, so I decided to share it with you

Riding your sensations is so much more effortless & natural then ‘thinking it over (and over)’ or ‘figuring it out’ 🙂 I am available when you need some guidance towards excellent results using this sensory work

You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surfIncorporating this work into my life has given me a lot:
-Awareness of which issues are mine and which belong to others
-Healing for my old wounds & personal sensitivities, which allows me to tolerate the previously intolerable.
-This work also has great tools for health management by the way, emotions/body/health it’s all FULLY integrated

This is not a spiritual website, this is an awareness website. My awareness is on the level that I realize that having beliefs is inevitable, but I do realize that a belief never equals truth, it is only a belief. If you like a certain belief and it works for you .. sure .. embrace and enjoy it 🙂 If it no longer serves you, simply let it go because there are always other beliefs to adhere

Feelings First has no complex system that needs to be believed & understood before this work can benefit you. You only need to park ‘the search for undesrtanding’ for a moment, and go into sensation in such a way that it leads to release & transformation. You will experience firsthand that transforming feelings frees you up, so there is no need to believe that either

The only thing you may need to believe (for now) is that these transformations do not change the essence of who you are. Instead, you’ll be creating more space for the real you, which includes your experiences but does not include your aquired beliefs or small/bigger traumas


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