Confusions surrounding Empathy

Some confusion exists around the term empathy. Next to that, the effects of empathy greatly vary depending on the context it is applied in. Additional confusion is created when benefits from one context are brought up as potential benefit for another context. This article starts with the terminology, and then dives into context and more. […]

We cannot handle the truth

Much debate in the public domain centers around what is ‘the truth’, I call these type of debaters ‘truth claimers’. Much of the appeal to truth is an attempt to win a debate by exceeding the level of personal opinion. After all, no one can argue with the truth, right? The words ‘facts’ and ‘reality’ are […]

Detecting your own drama, and stepping out of it

We can be emotional vs. dramatising the situation. I’ll briefly outline how I see these two processes, and I think the differences will show us why the first one hugely benefits us, and the second does not. I’ll conclude with some technical tips on how to step out when you find yourself trapped in a dramatising mindset Emotion Emotion is natural to […]

Feelings: Achilles heel of the Ratio?

Western culture very much centers around the concepts Rationalism & Determinism. While these concepts certainly have proven their value, for many people they seem to have reached a status equaling a religious belief, and questioning the validity of Logic & Ratio more or less equals cursing in church  Let’s briefly elaborate on some often mentioned philosophical concepts, then we’ll get to how feeling may act as […]