The first opportunity to learn is the free intro course (sign up on the right). There you can get hands-on experience of what it means to work purely from sensation. In the blogs I zoom in on the experience of reality, show different perspectives, and comment on the path that different people follow to arrive at their respective perspectives.

Private sessions

There is also an option for 1-1 sessions, where we work from the level you’re at, on unwinding the feelings/ sensations that are linked to a topic of your choosing

During these sessions I teach you more advanced, faster acting techniques, without the need for a breath like in the intro course. This is an opportunity for periodic feedback to re-calibrate your approach & perception. I aim to provide you with different ways to approach own inner life, and the possibility to test your frame of reference against mine

I work from the perspective that resolving emotional stress regarding a particular topic will somehow bring resolution to the topic itself

Of course this is just a perspective, not ultimate ‘truth’. I just like it and find that working form this perspective brings me good results. Belief in this perspective is not required at all to make it work: An open mind, willingness to go into sensation, and a curiosity to experiment is more then sufficient

Are you doing a particular technique right? Are you really making use of the effect a particular technique has? What is relaxation actually, and is your current level soft enough to feel what you want to feel? How to get softer and note the effects this has on your level of sensitivity? What is your current perspective on the world, and how does that perspective feel?

These are all questions not easily answered without a co-pilot, and that is exactly how I see my role during sessions. Instead of a guru answering life questions, I see myself as a co-pilot, teaching you a fine-tuned sensory approach towards you own inner life

Following this approach, you will feel lighter, difficult situations will unravel, and life questions will answer themselves. I like being a co-pilot: Rather the giving people fish (answers), I prefer to teach them fishing

You may consider me an expert in how to work with feeling, and awareness of the potential and effectiveness of this approach.

Please assume I know little or nothing about the actual  topics you would like to resolve or clarify for yourself

Before booking your first private session, I recommend taking the free online course and practice a bit with the material. The course will definitely give you an experience, and we’ll build upon that in the private lessons

All sessions are done online using the webcam, meeting in real life is not required. Just send me a mail for rates & appointments. For people living outside the CET time zone (GMT +1), I often use this handy meeting planner which incorporates all the tricky time zone details, such as daylight saving time

You can always email me with additional questions of course

Okay that’s it for now, I hope to meet you online sometime, to explore the vast & intruiging world of inner sensing 🙂

Best regards