Start getting benefits .. by doing!


If you’d like to experience the positive changes that are possible with this work, you’ll need to hands-on with the material. Just reading about it won’t cut it 🙂 The intro course consists of emails with instructions and explanations, twice a week. It only requires a daily 10 min of your time, but these 10 magic minutes can deliver ease and relaxation into your day, or a great night of sleep when you take those minutes in the evening

A great image on how to approach your feelingStep by Step, you will learn a technique to gently unwind feelings. Because it works, you will experience the liberating effects first hand


This free intro already delivers great value, because you’ll  learn a hands-on way to handle yourself …and more ways are available later on! 

If it feels like your schedule won’t allow you the peace of mind to focus, be aware that the “having-no-piece-of-mind” is  just another mental state you can work with, instead of struggle against: More info in the class 😉

Course layout

Wk# Topic Value #emails
1 The actual technique Main substance of the course 3
2 Applications of the technique It can only work when you apply it 2
3 Finer details and a peek into the future Infinite refinement is possible, but not required 2

I will also follow up for a while, with lower frequency mails containing more tips on how to refine and use what you have just learned.

At this time there is no charge for this intro, therefore seize this opportunity and sign up using the form below!

Regardless the outcome, I’m confident you’ll find it an interesting experience 🙂

Best regards
Arjan | Feelings First
Amsterdam | the Netherlands

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