Privacy is considered of vital importance on Feelings First. I divide the topic into two sections: Technical privacy and Information privacy.

Technical privacy


First of all, I’d like to mention that I have much fewer links to external services then regular sites. This restriction greatly reduces the number of cookies that are set on visiting this site.

Tracking scripts

I don’t run ads so no tracking from that side. However, I do use Google analytics (GA). I use GA to keep track of the site usage, so I can keep improving certain pages or page flows. I do not see ip-addresses in GA reports, but I do see location info, detailed down to the city level. I’m also able to see technical data like desktop/tablet/phone, OS, etc, but at the moment I’m not interested in that.

This might change if I decided to add more technical advanced features to my site (that I’ll build myself) because then I might run into compatibility issues with specific browsers or phone models.

btw: The google script is easy to block by yourself using browser extensions like noScript.
btw2: AdBlock Plus does not block GA

Ip-tracking for security reasons

I have a few plugins installed that log ip addresses (usually of web-robots) that attempt to hack the backoffice section of my site. As a reader of the site you won;t run into these.

*ip-addresses of regular website visitors are not logged*

Informational privacy

This section concerns data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and personal information shared in email conversations or private sessions.

I handle this kind data consistently the same, it is not shared with anyone PERIOD. Except the email address, this kind of data is also not stored electronically, so it cannot be hacked. I run my intro course through the professional Weber email provider, so all emails there are fully secure, under strict regulation.

Note: Only when the law complies me to disclose information to governmental agencies, I’ll probably (eventually) will need to provide some of it. Because I’m not a medical professional  I don’t have a legal stance against pressure from governmental side, so take this single exception into account when sharing information with me