Some information about me

Arjan van Muyen, Feelings First

In January 2007 I entered the world of universal energy with a workshop Energy Healing. Then I solidified the energetic path with 6 years of intensive Qi Gong & Consciousness work, and I recently completed a three year study in Chinese Acupuncture. My graduation paper “Fighting Fire with Fire” has won the prize for the best paper of the year 2014 at Qing-Bai Academy of Chinese Medicine in the Netherlands. Send me a mail if you’d like a copy 🙂

In the field of consciousness, I work with Alain & Jody Herriot and their methodology called The Wonder Method, since 2010. Most of what I teach is derived from their work, which does not focus on energy, but on the art of feeling and how this simple act can be used to free your emotional & physical state, while opening up your beliefs & world view at the same time. Alain & Jody showed me that feeling, when done properly, is a fantastic tool to approach/ work with the plasticity of reality

My education & experience has given me three perspectives on physical health & emotional balance:

1. If your energetic system is out of balance, you won’t feel good: Either physically, or emotionally, or both. The meaning of  ‘out of balance’, is well described within the concepts of Chinese Medicine: Meridians, Five Elements, Three Treasures (Essence/Qi/Spirit). When energy has stagnated or moved out of balance, over time this will affect the physical body, as energy is the driving factor behind all the internal processes which regular medicine is trying to directly intervene with. In non0critical situations, direct intervention is often not needed and you are better off adjusting the driver of the car instead of adjusting the car itself.

2. Unresolved emotions profoundly affect your energy, and therefore indirectly influence your physical wellbeing. When you get stuck in emotion, a part of your energetic system also stagnates, and healthy circulation is impaired. As the physical body always aligns with the energy eventually, real disease can be the result of (deep seated & longstanding) emotional issues

3. Direct damage to the chemical or structural level also leads to problems which are often time-critical in nature. This type of problem is often due to accidents (traffic accidents, falling, crime, poisoning ..etc) or infection with bacteria or viruses

To intervene in a process of disease, it is possible to step in at any of these three levels:

  1. Emotional level
  2. Energetic level
  3. Physical/ Chemical level

Each of these three levels has its value, there is no best starting point, it depends on the situation.

The Wonder Method uses intention and sensing to directly access & release the emotional level, which profoundly affects the two other levels. This sensory approach results in a very gentle & organic way to work, with wonderful effects on a variety of both mental & physical issues (where time is not a critical factor)

About me personally 

I work in IT, practice Qi Gong, and also Dance a variety of styles. In the past I played classical Guitar and African percussion,  but in 2001 I changed music for dancing: To me they’re two sides of the same coin. I learned that I thrive best when I can balance my Beta side alongside my Alpha side, I feel I need both aspects in my life.
For the rest I like to live a simple life without any expensive hobbies