When you can’t control it, Surf it

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Dear reader

A pandemic wave is sweeping the planet, and we can all see a few more waves coming.

You can’t control this kind of waves. Try to resist, and you’ll get crushed so what can you do? Ducking? Dodging? Jumping over?

Let’s try Surfing. Here you can learn how to do it, and even nudge the direction of the landing just enough in your favor.

How does it work? Follow along

We turn meditative, we work with how these waves affect us.

The waves of sensation inside your whole body are the mirror of larger external waves, available right within you. That’s what we work with.

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Jumping on one of those waves, and riding it to completion is what brings the release.

That’s all you need to do

I can’t explain in a few words how, but just the act of surfing it is enough cause the internal wave to unwind.

The release smooths out emotional turbulence, and that profoundly resets your complete system. With time, it gradually alters the way you see and interact with the world. For the better of course.

Surfing is quick, releases happen in a matter of minutes, later seconds. You’ll need more then one, but once you get it, it’s really quite similar to board surfing: Just fun to do.

Doing it enough results in a calm and clear mind, truly open to all options available. That’s the kind of mind you’ll want within reach, in order to navigate the coming years.

Join the training, and learn to surf your internal waves

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Specific guidance on surfing your inner world.

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Those that complete it can join the Live online gatherings. This is an opportunity to sharpen your skills in a trusted group setting.

Together we’ll surf our shared waves, and by doing so, unwind the impact of the waves of time on our mutual consciousness. I’ll be leading it myself.

I do this kind of stuff 10 years now, and most of it online including the classes I attended. The distance is not an issue. Just try it out and you’ll see.

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For one week, a daily email.
Specific guidance on surfing your inner world.

-Program is offered on donation-